House of Leo Dancehall Party at Stingerz Night Club

A full-on house party/birthday party of sorts for all the Leos (and non Leos) out there is going down at Stingerz Night Club. Hosted by Walshy Fire, AKA Leighton Walsh, and his brother Courtney Walsh, a famous cricket player in Jamaica, the party also features the Black Chiney crew, a definitive part of the South Florida dancehall scene for more than a decade.

Along for the ride will be none other than the fully reunited Afrique Soundstation Crew from NYC, which will be making a rare appearance, a treat for dancehall diehards. Curry goat and jerk chicken will be grilling, and all the Appleton Rum you can handle will be on hand, which makes House of Leo one of the closest things to an authentic irie jam without heading to the actual irie island.


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