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What's the 411 with downtown Hollywood gettin' off the chain lately? Why, I remember when you could walk down Hollywood Boulevard and grab a soda pop, perhaps purchase a romance novel and a gelato. Now, you've got the hip-hoppers and the dance kids all over the place, with their bass in my face! Don't believe me? Check out Meridien on Saturday night. Saints alive, you've got the reggae, the hip-hop, and the R&B tearing the roof off that mother. I don't think I approve of this crunk all the kids are getting. -- Esther P. Snellingshall

Hush takes place at 10 p.m. Saturday, August 28, at Meridien Night Club, 115 S. 20th Ave., Hollywood. Willie Chin and Exodus perform, and DJ Epps spins. Call 954-342-4114.


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