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I Draw the Line

If there's a book that details the problems inherent with one-man-band albums, Jonah Matranga -- d.b.a. Onelinedrawing -- has surely committed it to memory and has avoided every pitfall with the self-assurance of someone who has already learned enough bitter lessons. Formerly with Far and New End Original, Matranga has forsaken his band identity for his already well-established persona as Onelinedrawing, walking a path similar to Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba with emo punk that brings down the volume while ratcheting up the intensity. Matranga's gift is his ability to weave his lyrical brilliance into a soundtrack that rises and falls like the erratic breathing of someone trembling on the edge of ecstasy -- or breakdown. His vulnerable vocals help create a quietly powerful atmosphere that suggests abandon while demanding restraint, exhibiting melancholy pop savvy transfused with emo-adrenaline rush.

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