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Ike and Tina

History has branded Ike and Tina Turner's story as a violent one for good reason, but musically there were many joyful moments in their rock and soul catalog. The three-disc boxed set The Ike & Tina Story 1960-1975 rewards listeners who are able to execute the difficult task of removing the personal from the artistic to focus on the songs, which still sound fiery and very much alive decades after their original recordings. Many of the tracks here appear on the handful of Ike & Tina "best ofs" on the market (favorites like "Proud Mary," "Nutbush City Limits," and "Sexy Ida, Part 1"). But this particular collection is worth the extra bucks because of the additions that aren't on those quickie compilations. The entire third disc plucks the live album Ike and Tina Turner In Person from vinyl obscurity to bring the pair's essential stage performances to the tale. The songs on this disc are more frenetic and amped-up, bringing both palpable energy and priceless ad-libs, especially on "Respect," to the memory of Ike and Tina's music. The other highlights reside in Tina's sizzling cover songs, the bulk of which appear on disc two. Turns out she upstaged more than just Creedence Clearwater Revival: her takes on the Beatles' "Come Together" and "Get Back" thoroughly embarrass Lennon and McCartney in the edgy soul department. With her multi-platinum-selling solo career, Tina Turner proved that she didn't need Ike Turner to shine musically. But, as captured on The Ike & Tina Story, her time with him still sounds amazing.

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