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As is readily apparent from the name itself, imadethismistake operates from a somewhat tenuous perspective, a place where trauma and uncertainty seem to reign supreme. Kylewilliam Campol, the primary mistakemaker, offers up a heartbroken narrative recapping a bittersweet farewell to a dying lover ("Staring Blindly Into a Dull Sunset") and other confessionals of the forever-prodigal son (pretty much everything else). His rambling acoustic guitar provides the basic accompaniment for these plaintive laments; Campol's downtrodden vocals maintain an emotional pitch that often threatens to be engulfed in tears. Ultimately, his folkie sensibility and reflective embrace give The Bonfire Club an intimacy that extends far beyond these four tracks. It's the kind of record that practically compels you to listen. Indeed, Campol sometimes seems despondent beyond words. It's as if in struggling with the sheer weight of his grief, he's found death to be the ultimate vindication. Considering past examples of other tragic troubadours — Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley spring immediately to mind — one might suggest he stay away from open medicine cabinets and any body of water that's bigger than a bathtub. Making a mistake is one thing, but a fatal flaw is quite another.


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