Independance With Roger Sanchez, Oscar G., and Cedric Gervais

New York´s Roger Sanchez has been an insanely popular house DJ since releasing records on the classic dance record label Strictly Rhythm in the early ´90s. Apparently, he´s a big draw on at least a few continents. To wit: Last month, some dodgy club promoters in South Africa falsely advertised Sanchez as spinning at their club when they had never even made the request.

Not to worry, though, housekateers: Sanchez´s next Miami appearance, for the 12-hour pool and beach party dubbed ¨Independance¨ for the holiday, is secured. He´ll be joined by performers like Madrid´s Chus and Ceballos and local luminaries/DJs Oscar G. and Cedric Gervais. It should be a lot of fun to dance during the day and still have time to hit another hot spot after the 11 p.m. finale. Careful, though: Slippery when wet is more than the name of a Bon Jovi album.

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