Industrial Strength

If you've a hankering for the punishing EBM beats hammered out by long-forgotten outfits such as Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and A Split Second, you'll probably think Haujobb (from Germany) and Hocico (from Mexico City) fill the missing jackboots rather well. Hocico, proud to have so far survived the most polluted city on the planet, mixes genuinely ugly observations on what passes for life with a Casio cesspool that's heavy on harsh percussion, distorted vocals, and a cold, clinical, synthetic atmosphere. Haujobb's abrasively unrelenting poundings blister and burn; the trio isn't as inventive as Hocico but has nevertheless forged a new industrial pathway via Metropolis Records, which has positioned itself roughly where Wax Trax! was in the late '80s. Not exactly what you'd call a fun double bill.

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