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Infected Mushroom

It's highly unlikely that either Korn's Jonathan Davis or Perry Farrell will join Israeli psytrance superstars Infected Mushroom when they hit the stage this Saturday at Karu & Y, even though both singers appeared on the group's latest album, Legend of the Black Shawarma. But it's just as highly unlikely you'll miss either of them.

Although Infected Mushroom started out as a duo, in recent years, the group has pumped up to a five-piece and climbed the ranks to headlining such massive festivals as LA's Electric Daisy. So the Miami appearance means the group will bring its billion-BPM bombast in under a roof for a change. And that can only mean one thing: That they intend to tear it off. 

Why wouldn't they? That's what the band did in the port city of Haifa, Israel, where it got its start. And it's what it's consistently done over the ten years since: show up, drop names, and blow up things. If you ever pictured Karu turned into an electro panic room, this you don't want to miss. 


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