Infected Mushroom at Club Cinema 6/3

Psy-trance may have once occupied the realm of fringe raver hippies who had run away to India. But the increasing mainstream crossover of Israeli quintet Infected Mushroom has done much to legitimize the genre. Much of that is probably because it's one of the first acts from the scene to boast recognizable faces. In the past six or seven years, founders Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani have beefed up their original duo into a full band, favoring live performances and instrumentation over hiding behind the DJ decks.

This, along with an avowed penchant for rock and metal inflections, has given the band's sound broader appeal, something fully realized on its seventh studio album, 2009's Legend of the Black Shawarma. Unlike other recent club gigs in South Florida, this booking at Club Cinema is billed as a full live performance rather than just a DJ set.


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