Ingrid Michaelson at Culture Room on October 16

Not sure if y'all remember MySpace, a social networking website popular around the mid-aughts where pervy dudes would spy on jailbait girls (read: To Catch a Predator) and singer/songwriters, like Ingrid Michaelson, uploaded free music. It was real around the same time your girlfriend started watching Grey's Anatomy. Believe it not, both are still around. And we're guessing that the indie folk-pop songstress has something to do with it. "My mother originally told me she thought my music would sound perfect on Grey's Anatomy — and this is before I even started watching the show," Michaelson said in a 2007 interview on NPR's Talk of the Nation. "I started watching and got sucked into it, and my friend and I would start wailing one of my songs over the dialogue, in jest, of course." Today, Michaelson's music is virtually synonymous with Grey's. Her songs have appeared in 14 episodes, including "Into You" on last month's ninth season premiere. But most impressively, Michaelson's fans still post comments on the singer's MySpace page. Few artists can say that.


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