It Came From Orlando

You think Courtney Love is a badass? Even at her most unlady-like TV moments, she's like Miss Manners compared to the girls in Orlando's Jeanie and the Tits — Jean Smegma, Mary Mammary, Yochi Yeast, and Kristin Klamydia. Then again, coming from the same scene that spawned many a rowdy punk band (namely, the now-defunct Stud Dogs), the Tits' fuckin'-A attitude isn't surprising. It's also no shock that their brand of punk is rude, raw, and stripped-down. So that oughta give Fort Lauderdale time to plan for this Friday's Orlando Invasion, which also includes O-Town rockers Derek Lyn Plastic and Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys. Of course, someone's gotta rep the 954, and the recently reunited Drug Czars have it covered. Sheesh... and you thought Orlando was all about boy bands.

Jeanie and the Tits, Derek Lyn Plastic, Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys, and the Drug Czars perform Friday, September 22, at Maguire's Hill 16, 535 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. The show starts at 10 p.m. Admission costs $4. Call 954-764-4453, or visit

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