J-Perk ¨Lauderdale¨ (Organized Confuzion) Sometimes, rappers borrow a beat from another producer, and it all turns out wrong. Either the hook isn´t right or the lyrical flow doesn´t match the bpm´s, and the result is almost never better than the original. But local rapper J-Perk and his Organized Confuzion affiliates have eluded those pitfalls and flipped DJ Khaled´s ¨Brown Paper Bag¨ beat into the new 954 anthem for the summer. Process that, because the lyricists on ¨Brown Paper Bag¨ (Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Fat Joe) are a tough act to follow. Yet on their fresh-off-the-press new track, ¨Lauderdale,¨ J-Perk manages to give the tune new life. Aside from Perk´s verbal prowess, the remix is loaded with local talent and full of hot verses from Broward County MCs. Relatively unknown artists like Cracker Jack, Ronnie Ray, O-Allen, Ariginal, Streets Buchanan, and Sin City are here bigging up the hoods of Broward, and with Khaled´s beat riding underneath it, ¨Lauderdale¨ is a track that´s easy to ride to on a summer night. O-Allen sets the track off with a hot 16, and the pace never slows. Since the original moves along at a mile-a-minute clip, it´s impressive the way the artists on ¨Lauderdale¨ maintain the same swiftness. This isn´t the ultra-underground backpacker rap that some people expect Broward to exude. It´s hood hip-hop at its finest, with intelligent swagger.

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