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Jack Johnson Drifts Sweetly Into Cruzan Amphitheatre

The name Jack Johnson alone can make some folks involuntarily close their eyes and find themselves on a sunny beach. They hear his voice and brush imaginary sand from their shoulders. Keep those eyes closed, and look beyond the sun-bathing beauties, piña coladas, and playful breakers. If you're like Jack, the next obvious step after staring out into the ocean sublime, imagining conquering the sparkling waves, is writing a supercatchy acoustic tune about it.

Johnson's Thursday visit to Cruzan Amphitheatre comes five years after he last performed for SoFla enthusiasts. Fans of Johnson know him to be a contemplative songwriter, and those paying attention have noticed that over the course of his past two records, 2008's Sleep Through the Static and 2010's To the Sea, his gaze has shifted further from the shoreline and the playful, out toward the mysterious horizon and beyond.

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