Jackal & Hyde Bring the Electro-Industrial Pain to Respectable Street

After 12 years, Jackal & Hyde's traverse through aggressive electro and industrial stylings shows no signs of slowing down. Partners Scott Weiser and Todd Walker's take on the often-cloned, digitally antagonistic genre is much sought by big names across the disciplines — Kid Rock, the Genitorturers, and No Doubt have all enlisted the duo for remixes. The sound is as wonderfully ugly as their mugs and accompanying hairdos. With time spent in California and Florida, it's impressive that they've shunned the sunnier aspects of their lives.

Onstage, Jackal & Hyde do more than just tweak knobs and press fervently on keys — they read the crowd well and adapt. Almost as though they want to cause grievous bodily harm on the dance floor. Readying the crowd for their onslaught will be the alter ego of Larry McCormick, Exzakt, bringing a slightly more techno but equally belligerent approach to the ear-splitting madness.

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