Jacuzzi Boys Promise a Hot, Fierce Night at Respectable Street

Jacuzzi Boys are quickly gaining critical mass on the national circuit, yet they've cleverly avoided the hype overload of certain other South Florida breakout-acts-come-lately. The Boys attract only goodwill, no haterade, and for good reason. One, they've been playing together long enough to deserve success. Two, their sound is roughed up and ready to go, not polished in the sort of inoffensive iPod-commercial way that leads to bloated blog hype. Third, their shows always mean party time (or general crazy time — at past local shows, the Boys have continued to play, unbothered, while brawls erupted feet away).

A new seven-inch, "Bricks or Coconuts," was recently released on Mexican Summer, a New York-based label whose roster boasts other white-hot underground acts such as Best Coast, Kurt Vile, and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Add to the night's white-hotness two of West Palm Beach area's finest purveyors of synth pop in the Jameses and garage rock via Love Handles.


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