Jamaica Vintage Music Festival

Twice a year, South Florida music lovers are treated to a vintage reggae concert that gathers all the best artists from back in the day, brings some of the most recognizable sound systems straight from Jamaica, then puts them all together for one killer music festival that fans can't help but enjoy. Maybe it's good that this happens semi-annually instead of just once a year, since the folks in charge of putting on the concert do such a good job with it organization-wise that nobody wants to wait 12 months until the next one rolls around. And while the name of the festival lets you know the vibe is all about vintage music, there is a definite new-school feel to the lineup this time. Longtime reggae stalwarts like Cocoa Tea, Dean Fraser, and Ken Boothe will be there, but they're joined on the bill by younger acts like Singing Melody, Nadine Sutherland, and Mr. "She's Royal" himself, Tarrus Riley. Those acts alone could make for a great concert, and they've got a good number of talented DJs and artists performing throughout the daylong event. If that's not enough, the festival also has vendors offering some of the best food you'll ever taste at a local concert, and that too isn't to be missed.

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