Japan and Haiti Benefit at Respectable Street 4/17

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan was an unfathomable tragedy, and it's time to help. For those who don't necessarily have a venue to channel these philanthropic ambitions, hit Respectable Street's Benefit Show this Sunday. For only $5 each, attendees can feel the Good Samaritan buzz overtake them as they are awash with the multitude of sights and sounds offered from the 12 stellar local bands on three stages, standout DJs, and risqué burlesque performers on the bill. There will be entertainment for just about every altruistic fancy. Shoegazers will revel with the whirling fuzz dished out by Fort Lauderdale rockers Fevers, headbangers will have their fix with the heavy-metal assault of West Palm Beach quartet Fall of Olympus, and riot grrls will have their thrill with the feminine charge of Bonnie Riot. All door and bar sales will be donated to earthquake relief charities. So no need to feel guilty about drinking this night away — it's all for a great cause.


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