Jason and the Punknecks Does Rock-Country Hybrid Right

The rock-country hybrid is nothing new. Employed by everyone from Garth Brooks to Country Western Troubadour of the Dead Unknown Hinson, subgenres have popped up ad nauseam since the 1950s. See, for example, rockabilly, punkabilly, and even gothabilly. (Who would have ever expected the term hillbilly to get reappropriated by punks and goths?). But when a band does it right, the ability to transcend the cliches of either genre it's incorporating creates a dynamic for that rare ass-kicking show fit for a rock venue, punk tour, or country fair.

One such band that does, in fact, get it right is the L.A.-based duo Jason and the Punknecks, made up of Jason and Polly Punkneck. Don't be misled by their West Coast home base. They twang to the core, channeling Hank Williams Jr. and Dolly Parton more than Sid Vicious and Siouxsie Sioux. The duo's punk sensibilities shine through best on endearingly trashy song content and album titles like Outlaw Cuntry. Their new album, yet to be released, will be called Drinkin', Druggin', and Jesus. The twosome brings its punkytonk to South Florida for two nights this weekend.


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