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Jason Dunne

Broward DJ and producer Jason Dunne, who is working on a remix of Gary Jules and Roland Orzabal's rendition of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, might not know who let the dogs out or who left the cake out in the rain, but he knows Van Halen can always get a party started.

Do you think DJs are boring?

I feel that a lot has been lost in music in general, compared to where things were, say, seven years ago. Progressive house seven years ago was beautiful, melodic, and sometimes vocal. Today, it has become such a minimalist sound, with just beats and feedback. There are a few exceptions, but unfortunately, the moral majority has taken this path. Same goes for pop culture. I mean, the number-one hit at Power 96 is an Usher song called "Yeah!" The song consists of drums and four notes, two of which are the same notes, just played in the opposite order. There are a lot of nonmusical people putting together beats. This is fine; it just makes it a lot more difficult for people to find the good stuff.

You're spinning at a club and the dance floor looks like a scene from Night of the Living Dead. What song/CD/record do you put on?

Well, I have always been the type to take big chances and shake things up. Of course, it all depends on my mood. I've stopped everything and dropped something silly like Van Halen's "Eruption" or DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime." But as of late, for a large audience that seems to do nothing but roam about, I deliver them the Jam's "A Town Called Malice."

Do you believe "If it's too loud, you're too old?"

Never. I believe that if it's too loud, get some earplugs. -- Audra Schroeder


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