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Java D'Lites

I have to admit it. I really dislike Starbucks. OK, that's not a revelation I'm likely to catch fuzz over, but it does pose certain problems for me: I live west of I-95, and I like coffee. So I was pretty bummed when Java D'Lites — an independent coffee and wine bar in Coral Springs — closed its doors in January. What did I do? I bought a French press and some beans, and I moped at home. Apparently, I wasn't the only one mourning the loss, because just last month, Java D'Lites sprang back to life under new ownership. The place still has the same comfortable, moody vibe (dim lighting, plush love seats, granite bar top, fireplace), but the new owner, Mark, has made some welcome additions: a short but smart beer list featuring regional microbrews like Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Lefthand Milk Stout; an improved wine and food menu of Boar's Head sandwiches, fresh baked treats, and savory cheese platters; expanded breakfast and lunch hours for those who don't drink coffee just at night (odd concept, I know); and an intimate stage where Java will host live jazz and blues acts throughout the week. Free wi-fi also makes the lounge a great spot for laptop warriors to saddle up and ride, and karaoke, hookahs, and open-mic Mondays hosted by Renda the Writer are enough to sate the thirst of any coffeehouse bohemian.


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