Joachim Garraud on June 9 at Gryphon

As a kid, you dreamt about becoming an astronaut and part-time music critic. The future looked promising, a gnarly life of walking on the moon and reviewing advance releases of culturally relevant buzz bands. Real life, however, eventually caught up. NASA scrapped the shuttle program, and "relevant" acts stopped playing instruments, opting for prerecorded drum patterns and bleepity-bloopity noise. Fist-pumping became all the rage, and suddenly, the future looked like one big Jersey Shore frat party. Embrace it. With Joachim Garraud on the decks reminding everyone that "We are the future," the unknown doesn't seem so bad. As long as we're together, we may as well dance with one another, pop bottles with our fellow dance-music scenesters, and revel in the musical ecstasy. At 44 years old, Garraud is the type of fearless leader EDM needs to take the scene into its next chapter. He's respected by his peers and, most important, he drops some seriously heavy dance tracks.


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