John Mayer Brings Guitar Heroics and Sensitive Lyrics to Cruzan

Love him or abhor him, John Mayer as an interview subject makes for a good read. His detailed masturbation stories, dubbing Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm," and, of course, his Benetton heart/David Duke manhood conflicts in a recent Playboy interview ensured that plenty of folks who have never heard anything past "Your Body Is a Wonderland" are still gonna talk about the sleeve-tattooed crooner/guitarist for years to come. South Florida fans of Mayer's most recent album, Battle Studies, can get a little closer to the "Heartbreak Warfare" soldier on Saturday.

Joining Mayer and hopefully learning no disgusting phraseology or lifestyle choices is Adam Young, better-known as syrupy synth-pop act Owl City. He's most famous for those catchy songs ("Fireflies," "Vanilla Twilight") on the radio that sound a lot like the Postal Service. Whether you attend to scream along with every song or throw fruit, it should be quite a night.

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