Hailing from San Francisco, Journey originated as a progressive-rock outfit in the mid-'70s, transitioned to reliable radio staples in the early '80s, and repeatedly reshuffled in recent years after the loss of lead singer Steve Perry. Of course, losing your frontman is never fortuitous – just ask Queen, Van Halen, or Bad Company. Regardless, their most recent realignment may be their most intriguing. It began when Perry, the voice behind the hits "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believin'," Open Arms," "Separate Ways," and "Wheel in the Sky," passed the mic to Steve Augeri, who subsequently left the group for medical reasons and was then replaced by Jeff Scott Soto. When Soto severed ties with the band earlier this year due to musical differences, it led to new Filipino vocalist Arnel Pineda's big break. Lost yet? Pineda was discovered by guitarist Neal Schon on YouTube. Interestingly, "Don't Stop Believin'" getting played during the bewildering crescendo of The Sopranos' series finale prompted renewed interest in the group. Its latest opus, Revelation, is a surprisingly strong CD/DVD combo boasting both new songs and repurposed catalog, offering ample reason to believe there's life left in Journey after all.

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