Journey and Pat Benatar at Cruzan Amphitheatre on October 13

Earlier this year, when Republicans held their multimillion-dollar pep rally disguised as a national convention in Tampa, "Any Way You Want It" played loudly and proudly. It was then that rockers Journey snuck into the gulf city to pick up their $500,000 paycheck. After the group performed a 90-minute set — consisting of two songs everybody knows and 78 minutes of deep cuts — for "VIPs" at the Liberty Plaza, a temporary concert venue erected specifically for GOP hobnobbing, they casually jumped back on tour with Pat Benatar and Loverboy one-half-million dollars richer. Steve Perry, of course, missed out on the cash. He hasn't been with the band since the mid-'90s, much to the chagrin of Journey guitarist Neal Schon. "We didn't kick Steve out," Schon recently told Ultimate Classic Rock. "He walked... I hope that someday, we can get to the point to where I can pick up the telephone and I can talk to him without talking through management and attorneys." Until that day comes, however, Schon's happy to tour and play music with his other bandmates. "I don't see that there's any end to this band right now, we're so strong," he said in UCR. "Everybody's getting older, but we still have so much energy, and we're doing great out here."


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