Julie Black

So the blues is supposed to be a man´s world, right? Aside from the fact that most recognizable blues stars have always been men, the music itself is often dark, sultry, and not easily associated with the female voice. While all of that is true, when you come across a talent like Illinois-born crooner Julie Black, it becomes obvious the blues world needs to make more space for the ladies. Listen to her new album, Call Me Angel for the Blues, and you´ll hear a singer who has the smoky voice of a blues/jazz starlet on certain songs yet has the power of a down-home soul singer as well. She´s had a love for the blues ever since hearing Soloman Burke´s old 45 record Cry to Me, and she has dedicated herself to the genre ever since. She´s got a long way to go before she´s in the category of the few female blues singers whose names stand out, like Bessie Smith or Koko Taylor, but Black sings with conviction about love, love lost, and trying to find her way. When it comes to the blues, that´s all you really need to work a juke joint and win over a crowd.


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