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Keller Williams' One-Man Jam Coming to Revolution

Keller Williams is the darling troubadour of the jam-band world. A fixture of '90s Grateful Dead tours and Bonnaroo, he's grown famous for his über-fun one-man-band performances. With multiple instruments and loop pedals at his disposal, his multilayered, improvised sets include funky originals, Dead and Phish songs, and less obvious covers from artists like Amy Winehouse and Snoop Dogg.

Affectionately nicknamed K-Dub by his grinning, hippie fans, Williams has expanded his musical reach by writing some tunes for the other silly, grinning faction of society — the kids. His latest album, 2010's appropriately named Kids, offers 14 cuts that aim to get the youth and their minivan-steering chauffeurs bopping. Although Williams will perform special "kids" shows in select cities, his stop in Fort Lauderdale will be geared toward the older, hairier children.

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