Ketchy Shuby Revive Blues Brothers on "Broke Like My Soul"

Otis Redding nostalgia has been going on for decades, and two men who were responsible for quite a push were Jake and Elwood Blues back in 1980s' The Blues Brothers. Their cover of "Can't Turn You Lose" became a mainstay within the Dan Ackroyd-John Belushi lore and kept Redding rising long after his passing.

Now, Miami soul-funk outfit Ketchy Shuby has released a jam that makes a new jam out of old parts of "Turn You Loose." Originally recorded for the group's 2011 album Tiny Vices but ultimately left off, "Broke Like My Soul" is a smoky throwback jam that explores Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez's marvelously scratchy vocal range and the band's Fraggle Rock-inspired (their words) accompaniment.

Broke Like My Soul by KETCHYSHUBY

Catch the infectious feeling of the track and donate to a worthy cause on Thursday at Hurricane Bar & Lounge. Details below:

Ketchy Shuby at Hope for Harrison Happy Hour. 5 p.m. Thursday, September 22, at Hurricane Bar & Lounge, 640-7 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach. Tickets cost $10. Click here.

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