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Kill Miss Pretty

Kill Miss Pretty recently teamed up with former Mansonoid Daisy Berkowitz for a new single called "Judy Garland." To celebrate, South Florida's preeminent glam band teams up this Saturday with Daisy for a performance at a night called "Squeeze at Sea Monster." As the name implies, it's a throwback night dedicated to old venue Squeeze, whose space the newish Sea Monster now occupies. As such, the whole gang will pull out a few cool Spooky Kids tracks too.  

Yeah, yeah, we know. That stuff's lodged in the cobwebs of your mind. But Kill Miss Pretty is also a visual act and this time promises a set piece with an "Alice in Never, Never Land" vibe, courtesy of Art of Shade's Kayce Armstrong. Add the Cramps-like roar of a new tune and you have absolutely no excuse not to hit this. Besides, when was the last time you got to play dress-up with a bunch of lunatics? 

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