Kill Miss Pretty to Shock and Rock Hooligan's Crowd

In a recent interview, Kill Miss Pretty lead singer Alicia Olink made a telling observation about the growth of her industrialish electro rock group. "I think we're actually maturing in reverse," she said. "The more time goes on, the more ridiculous we tend to be." Indeed, the West Palm Beach four-piece understands the entertainment value of the absurd. KMP has indulged in getups themed around Alice in Wonderland, Hawaiian dancers, and ninjas; converted Ouija boards into guitars; and Olink's sex kitten theatrics lean toward the exaggerated. This approach infiltrates the music too, with "Glow in the Dark" candidly discussing a vibrator and Olink fetishizing Dorothy Gale in "Judy Garland": "You don't have to call me darlin'/Do me like I'm Judy Garland." A January Facebook update indicates that the band's been fiddling with new songs, so more silliness is hopefully forthcoming.

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