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Kool Keith

See what happens when you create nine fucking alter egos under a bajillion different labels with all manner of collaborations? You see?! Apparently this album is some treacherous betrayal (not the first, mind you) of an aborted 3-year-old project featuring legendary underground New York rapper Kool Keith, a onetime Bellevue psych hospital patient and pornocore pioneer. Rumors say a dastardly country label gained control of his lyrics and backtracked them with a mysterious production team dubbed One Watt Sun. Who knows? Maybe it's all a ploy to drum up controversy. Either way, the CD entertains, leading with "The Operators Are Masturbating" and closing with Princess Superstar commanding her jihadi boyfriend to eat her out. "Yeah, eat it," she says. In between, funky breaks and bright digital flourishes dazzle. But back to the controversy: Kool Keith's signature was allegedly forged, the country label allegedly created a front company to put out the disc, and the fanatics are definitely pissed off. Meanwhile, Keith is suddenly getting big-ups from the likes of the Washington Post and Newsweek. The otherworldly saga will continue, so stay tuned.

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