Kottonmouth Kings

High Times magazine's "Stoner Band of the Year" in 2006; two-time guest judges at Amsterdam's "Cannabis Cup"; Hidden Stash parts one, two, and three. It's no secret what the Kottonmouth Kings like to do in their spare time. And by spare time, I mean all the time. The Orange County-based pot apologists have been fighting for botanical freedom since 1994, persuading the masses with their "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock" diatribes against fascist police and piss tests. Regardless what you're smokin', Kottonmouth Kings have got you covered. Their high-energy delivery and galvanizing lyrics translate into a righteous party atmosphere in a live setting, but the guys also know how to slow it down for a more chilled-out vibe. After 14 years of playing together, their weed schtick is getting old. Honestly. How many albums about weed can you release? But they've still got lots of fans who go wild for their trip-hop antics and, at the very least, with all of the ganja that's going to be floating around this show, you'll leave with cottonmouth for sure.

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