Kraftwerk Inspired Crafts in Honor of Upcoming MoMA Retrospective

Music and digital nerds are all inappropriately excited​ after hearing about MoMA's planned "Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8″ announced just this week

The plan is, these godfathers of electronic music will be playing their eight studio releases in order live for whomever was lucky enough to snag a ticket. The bleeps and bloops start on April 10 and end on April 17. Tickets go on sale on February 22, and they're a mere $25. Good luck with that. 

Kraftwerk will also be coming down south to Ultra Music Festival next month. In order to get prepped for all of this art and music and Kraftwerking, we found the best DIY stuff out there on the web dedicated to the greatest group in electronic music history and placed it nicely here for your pleasure.

Kraftwerk Inspired Crafts in Honor of Upcoming MoMA Retrospective

Autobahn Massage Oil
Nothing, and we mean nothingm is more relaxing than getting rubbed down to the sounds of Autobahn. That's probably why SpaKosmische created this mentholated massage oil inspired by the Kraftwerk album. Apparently, it "eases muscle tension and headaches, clears decongestion, and stimulates circulation." Funny, so does Autobahn

"Europe Endless" Clock
This custom-made clock was inspired by the first track on Kraftwerk's 1977 album Trans-Europe Express. Here's a video where you can actually watch time pass as you listen to "Europe Endless." Wowzers. 

DIY Tie 
You've always wanted to replicate the LED tie the guys from Kraftwerk wore when performing "The Robots" or "Die Roboter" -- if you're all cool and German -- and wear it to das nightclub. Luckily, someone put together a how-to manual on how to make this baby. DYI, Kraftwerkers. 

Kraftwerk Inspired Crafts in Honor of Upcoming MoMA Retrospective

A Picture of Finger Puppets
OK. So that photo is a little big, but how adorable are these guys? For people (like this writer) who actually have a knit finger puppet collection, this is the holy grail of musically-related finger puppets. Thing is, sure someone out there owns these, but you can only buy a postcard image featuring Kraftwerk finger puppets. Bummer extraordinaire. 

Another Tie? 
Why wear a tie featuring the face of one of Kraftwerk's founding members Florian Schneider  around your neck? Because you can, that's why. The seller says, in relation to this item, "Girls!!! Please don't be afraid to wear men's neckties!!!" Very German of them. 

Kraftwerk Inspired Crafts in Honor of Upcoming MoMA Retrospective

Photo Montage
Now this is actually really neat. A DIY photog created a photo montage of the March 24, 2004, Kraftwerk performance at the Tempodrom in Berlin where they performed as humans and as robots. These 99 photos that take you through the whole shebang. 

Kraftwerk performs at Ultra Music Festival on March 23 to 25, at Bayfront Park. 

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