Le Tigre

No woman is an island. But in 1999, New York-based electropunks Le Tigre suggested that one could be. The dance feministas -- fronted by Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna -- sounded equally idiosyncratic and didactic at the time, their sole peer being Germany's Chicks on Speed. On Le Tigre's third full-length, however, the trio merely navigates what has become an established repertoire -- hiccupped slogans, hopscotch percussion, and choppy guitar. A taut, neon-speckled sheen is applied to Hanna's crackly sample clatter; once shambolic and self-produced, she's now assisted by Nick Sansano (Public Enemy, Sonic Youth) and the Cars' Ric Ocasek. The resulting This Island is full of ProTooled, depth-charged, drum-machine-led dance routines that reinforce Le Tigre's feminist protests, disseminating their message(s) without further developing their original, admittedly catchy sound. -- Tony Ware

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