Lefties Soul Connection

Orthodox Funkateers worship the Four Forefathers of Funk: James Brown, P-Funk, Sly Stone, and the Meters. From these sacred outfits, born in the heyday of the late-'60s, every strand of funk-inflected music can be derived, from acid jazz to gangsta rap to Lenny Kravitz. Lefties Soul Connection, then, can be considered Meters fundamentalists, breakbeaten, soul-shaken, dusty-grooved apostles of the whiplash-syncopated Nawleans fourpiece. Check the molasses-slow version of the Isleys' "It's Your Thing," which segues seamlessly into a dead-on version of Meters mission statement "Hey Pocky A-Way." The Dutch quartet's snappy originals sound minted in the golden era, swollen with righteous Hammond and slinky guitar. But the highlight here has to be the masterful cover of DJ Shadow's "Organ Donor," which delivers more funky cowbell than a Holstein on ecstasy. True believers will kneel down before giving it up and turning it loose.


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