Lefty Lucie

Lefty Lucie

Lefty Lucie


Lefty Lucie is a five-piece from Broward County, fronted by singer Lucie Wood. The debut self-titled EP is four songs of breezy, chiming guitars and drums backing Wood¹s charming, sultry vocals. So what¹s up with the band¹s name? Is it a nod to leftist politics? A tribute to early 20th-century anarcha-feminist Lucy Parsons? ³I¹m a lefty, but someone mentioned 'Lefty Lucie¹ as a name that we felt made a statement about our sound,² Wood says. ³I think it is pretty mainstream but off-center at times.² Oh, yeah... that was my next guess. But she¹s right: The songs are off-kilter and polished at the same time. For instance, there¹s the stompy grit of ³Breakdown² and the Norah Jones-esque ³6:00 a.m.² The final song, ³It Takes a Little Time,² recalls the ethereal yet bluesy vibe of the Cowboy Junkies, making for a well-rounded collection that¹s not too sweet and not too sour. -- Audra Schroeder

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