Legends of Rodeo's Rarities Vol. 1 Up for Streaming

Readers with exceptional memory can easily recall that July 2010 marked a Legends of Rodeo reunion show at Propaganda. According to Alex Rendon, beer is the culprit for singer John Ralston, guitarist Nathan Jezek, drummer Jeff Snow, and bassist Steven Eshelman's reformation after a six-year hiatus.

As part of that show, a rarities disc was distributed to the first 100 people in attendance. And now it appears that 12 unreleased Legends of Rodeo tracks lingering from years ago that never saw an official release have made it to the web via Bandcamp.

Get the nostalgic feeling going with "Love Buzz," recorded by Michael Seaman at Elegbaland Studios, a hard-driving track that blends some stadium rock posturing, some fierce punk attitude, and just enough country twang styling to balance it out. Big Star enthusiasts should especially take note. For the final 30 seconds, pretty much everything gets turned down on the console, and the song hits its rawest transition. If you haven't heard John Ralston scream his face off on record, here's your chance.

Check out the rest of Rarities Vol. 1 here.

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