Little Beard Wants You! (If You Play Bass)

Little Beard Wants You! (If You Play Bass)

Miami-based twee poppers Little Beard -- last seen around these parts at Radio-Active Records' recent grand reopening -- have a vacancy. The group has been written up positively in NME and continues to field offers for tours, but it recently amicably parted ways with its bassist, who needed more time to devote to a bustling illustration and graphic design career.

Interested? Here are the requirements, straight from guitarist Michael Lee:

"We basically need someone that's at least 21 and not over 30, that can write in the band not just play what we tell them to. have their own equipment (obviously) and Be able to practice at least twice a week. Our main issue is finding someone that can tour. We're planning on going to CMJ in October since we won't be ready in time for SXSW, so we need to get on this."

Check out Little Beard's songs on Bandcamp, and if you're interested, email -- no e in there. 

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