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Local Motion


In Constant Motion


This 11-track disc by local band Arsonist rocks with proper inflections of shoegaze, post-punk, Hialeah rock, and solid indie know-how. And Miami's Rimsky lends vocals to two tracks. Awesome. Jorge Ubieta (bass/keys) and Alejandro Tuesta (drums) put down an almost whimsical rhythm foundation for the vocals of Jason Chambrot and the guitars of Darren Dyer. Trippy, punkish, ethereal, and in love is an apt description. "Three Sleepless Nights," "Carbon," and "Final Protest" deserve repeat play.

The Beauvilles

Whispering Sin


These dudes, who hail from Ybor City, performed at the Vagabond a little while back, and boy, what a swell bunch of cats. They were really nice to and appreciative of everyone around them and showed it by playing an energetic set and giving away some CDs. Founders Shawn Kyle (vocals/guitar) and Craig Holmes (drums) gel well with bassist John Barker and Christopher Tolan, also on vocals and guitar. The 12 tracks on this disc feel a lot like American rock directly after the British Invasion, with twinges of psychedelia, dark voodoo, and equipment salvaged from forgotten stores. Solid.


Ride on Out


LJ, AKA Larry Jackson, rocks this five-track EP of Southern crunk styles and party hip-hop with the requisite braggadocio and sangfroid. It's so infectious, it'll get your head bopping. The title track features guest rapper Arthemus and shows up in censored and uncensored formats. Even the serious "Law's at Me" contains a certain element of fun that separates the work from that of others in the genre who take themselves too seriously and let their output suffer. The instrumental effects range from tingly synth drums and keys with minimal sampling to tracks laden with overdubs and loops for a carnivalesque, Caribbean sound.


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