Lords of Acid and Thrill Kill Kult Heat Up Culture Room

Sex is fun. Mix it with some dense, pulsating electronica and comical lyrics and sex becomes one hell of a party. But not just anyone can keep such a party from devolving into some half-ass gathering of the Hot Topic-attired. This is where we usher in freaky-deaky acid-housers Lords of Acid. A group that garnered a cult following with its 1991 rave debut, the classic techno-raunch album Lust, LOA usually appeals to the platform-shoed, black-clad, liberal-minded set yet still offers an opportunity for the rest of us – even those of us who enjoy color – to dance, grind, mosh, and, if the moment is right, get naked. But don't hold your breath. (No, we're not talking autoerotic asphyxiation.)

Lords of Acid fans have aged. The band hasn't toured in about eight years, and it's anybody's guess whether the new generation will sex it up the same way. Praga Khan will be the only original member. And Lacey Conner, known mostly as the bitch/badass from Rock of Love, will step in as the female vocalist. So it's also up in the air whether the current lineup will be able to please old-school fans.


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