Los Vaqueros

This is the closest thing to a supergroup that the fledgling genre of reggaeton has spawned. In truth, though, it's a sonic swing party: Wisin, Yandel, Jayko, Tony Dize, Franco El Gorila, Hector "El Father," and Don Omar mix and match, creating several working partnerships on this disc of collaborations. Wisin and Yandel (AKA "the Dynamic Duo") are undoubtedly the big dogs here; they're certified stars with hits like "Dem bow," "Rakata," "Llame pa verte," and "Noche de sexo." But from under their wings emerge a couple of up-and-coming voices that benefit from the veterans' tutelage. The suits at Machete Records were obviously aware of Tony Dize's ability, granting him four solo songs — all of which are the best that Wild West has to offer. With "Bien sudao" and "Acomodate," Dize serves up dance floor grinders best appreciated in a dimly lit club. In "Envuelvete" and "Quizas," Dize carries out a sense of romance without getting cheesy — something Jayko can't pull off in the artificially flavored block of cheddar that is "Persona a persona." Luckily for Jayko, he comes strong on "Perdido" and "Yo te quiero," both with the help of Wisin, which probably means the hierarchy at Machete won't soon change.

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