Loud and Proud

When metal became a serious musical force in the early '90s, the proud state of Florida rose to the occasion with unmatched ferocity. Bands like Brutal Mastication, Raped Ape, Cynic, Assück, and Malevolent Creation set the bar so high that national bands scrambled to record at Morrisound Studios in Tampa. If you were metal and hadn't set foot in the swamp, you weren't shit. Like all good things, the hesher heyday came to an end, but ten years later, metal's back with the fine-tuning of its forefathers and in the able hands of a new crop of headbangers. Showcasing the best homegrown talent, Metal Fest '05 promises half a day's worth of neck sprains, sweat, and blood. Towing a new CD will be Osiris Rising, hard workers HeadDrive, Vile Feast, Distrata, Madsic, Absolute Asylum, Chapters Unfold, and many more. Bang on.

South Florida Metal Fest '05 starts at noon Saturday, July 30, at the Scene, Sound, and Stage, 2480 Hammondville Rd., Pompano Beach. Admission is $10 (free to active military personnel). Call 954-582-0800.

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