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Love Your Mother

You gotta give it up to the Earth. I mean, stuff like mountains, sunsets, dolphins, and shooting stars are totally cool, not to mention cheeseburgers and sex in tall grass. For all you do, Earth, the least we can do is give you a day, and maybe do a little barefoot rockin' in your honor. For the sixth straight year, the Peace Jam for Earth Day celebrates this gorgeous, blue marble we so sadly take for granted most of the time. Musical entertainment ranges from funkadelic rock to Hindu fusion, provided by six Earth-tastic groups, and there will be plenty of fun stuff for kids as well as tasty ethnic foods on hand. The highlights of the festival will be a tree-planting ceremony and a Native Maya Earth Blessing. Those, along with a sweet setting beside the Intracoastal, should remind you that you live on one of the most beautiful planets around -- one that's well worth taking care of.

The Peace Jam for Earth Day runs from 1 to 9 p.m. at Bryant Park, where Lake Avenue meets the west end of the Lake Worth Bridge in Lake Worth. The festival is free. Call 561-585-2958.


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