Lucinda Williams

Does country music make you feel like crying into your Bud and wishing for the return of June Carter Cash? Or maybe big, bad Johnny? Well, screw that wistful crap. Lucinda Williams is on her way. On her latest release, World Without Tears, she sings like an evangelical preacher bringing you to the fire and back without the promise of salvation. While spending most of her songwriting career penning songs for others (³Passionate Kisses² and ³The Night¹s Too Long,² to name a couple), the Lake Charles, Louisiana, native has gracefully carried the country torch without Ford commercials or two-bit chili cook-offs. She still relies on old country staples like heartache and gives shoutouts to her Nashville home, but she¹s not afraid to sing about her love of ZZ Top. Williams brings her songs to West Palm Beach, a town never mentioned in her music but memorable in its own right, damn it! Catch her at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, at Carefree Theatre (2000 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach) with openers the Bottle Rockets. Tickets cost $35. Call 561-833-7305.

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