Macho Men

Since their inception in 1977, the Village People have sold more than 85 million albums and singles, with omnipresent hits like "YMCA," "Macho Man," and "In the Navy." Ray Simpson, who plays the policeman, joined the band in 1979 after replacing the original, Victor Willis. I was lucky enough to talk to this living legend recently via telephone. I have never laughed so hard — in a good way — during an interview.

New Times: The Village People have been described as a "gay-themed disco group."

Simpson: No, it was never described like that. That whole thing happened because of an interview by one of our producers who was very, very gay. He is the one who put the group together; his name was Jacques Morali. He had an idea about the different stereotypes in the Village at that time: people wearing cowboy hats and leather outfits. He had some characters in mind for the group, and then slowly we kind of evolved into six distinct characters. He was a great producer.


Village People

The Village People perform Friday, November 2, at Gulfstream Park, 901 S. Federal Hwy., Hallandale Beach. The show starts at 9 p.m., and tickets cost $15 to $40. Call 954-457-6201, or visit

You've done a number of gay pride festivals.

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Sure. We do all kinds of things: weddings, bar mitzvahs, big gigantic fairs, jazz festivals. We work every weekend. We do a lot of stuff in L.A. and Europe, all over the world. The gay undertone was a double-entendre... and to be perfectly honest, it wasn't that deep or clever [laughs]. It was really about having fun, being a dance-party kind of band. We practiced hard choreography. If you're going to get onstage with six people fully costumed, you better know where everybody's moving or you're going to get smacked in the face quite a bit.

Bar mitzvahs and weddings?

It's rare, but trust me, they definitely have a lot of money [laughs]. They've been a hoot. You know that they want to have a good time, and that's what we're about... And it still feels new. The people are still fun; we get incredible reactions to the songs. A grandmother threw her bra up at me at one show. I have really made rock 'n' roll stardom, you know? She showed me her breasts. That was pretty wild. The demographics for our shows are 8 to 80 [laughs].

Wait, a grandmother threw her bra at you? How old was this woman?

Um... yeah. She was about 75 or 80 years old. We are just about having fun. If that's fun to you, we'll go with the program.

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