In the quagmire of Art Basel parties going on this month, one of the coolest gigs for the urban crowd is this Stones Throw Records-sponsored bash featuring Madlib. The Oxnard, California, native is one of the weirdest and most forward-thinking DJs in hip-hop, though initially it was his production skills that brought him the most fame. He's known for fusing jazz loops with rap beats, and anyone who heard his 2003 project, Shades of Blue, can attest to his skills in that department. During the earlier part of this decade, Madlib was seen as the premier underground hip-hop producer of the moment, but his bashful personality has always caused him to shy away from the spotlight. The fact that he's in South Florida this week is surprising to a lot of his fans, and this free show is bound to be swamped with folks trying to see him spin. Although Madlib occasionally raps as well, this is a DJ set only. If you show up early, you'll be treated to two solid opening sets by talented local wordsmiths Parable and Rahsaan.

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