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Did she cheat on her hubby with A-Rod? Is she a crazy control freak with an exercise addiction and anti-aging obsession? Does she insist no one even look at her behind the scenes of her current Sticky and Sweet tour? Gossip galore has come out since the launch of Madonna's latest stage spectacle, but for those lucky enough to attend her live show, it's all irrelevant. Madge is hands-down one of the most multifaceted and magnanimous (onstage, anyway) performers in the world, and her slick and vigorous music- and dance-filled extravaganzas are always nothing short of breathtaking. Even at 50, girlfriend doesn't know how to phone it in. Expect a few cuts off this year's groove-glazed electro-feast Hard Candy and, of course, thematic costume changes adapted to her hump-pop faves and riffed-up grinds ("Borderline" and "Ray of Light" have more of a rawk feel courtesy of Mz. M's ax). And speaking of axes and grinding, giant monitors projecting everything from Big Brother-like visuals to anti-McCain imagery are sure to add to the extrasensory experience and confirm that, personally and politically, the lady's far from done expressing herself.


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