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Mala Rodriguez

Mala Rodriguez is more than just another hot Spanish singer. Yes, she is sexy, but she's also an authentic rapper. Consider her Tego Calderón minus the 'fro. She's a genuine singer too and often shows traces of a Nelly Furtado-esque ability in her songs. Like her American counterparts Foxy Brown, Eve, and Lil' Kim, Mala uses her sex appeal as a vehicle to deliver rhyme-shaped messages that challenge hip-hop's stereotypes of women. In Malarismo, Mala's third album, she uses her smooth, tightly knit flow to mold the downtempo beats of Segal, Sir T Cee, and DJ Rectangle into verses about lovers and not putting up with their shit. "Te convierto" ("I Convert You") is a declaration in which she takes the active role in pursuing a love interest. "Miedo" ("Fear") uses a minimalist bass line to ground Mala as she and guest-rapper Mahoma question the fear of those who practice tacit racism. In "Por La Noche" ("At Night"), Mala raps about the hardships of living in Spain's poverty-ridden neighborhoods, but she doesn't seek pity; she simply paints a picture of a girl listening to the harshness of life outside her window. Malarismo, however, is quite nice to listen to. And looking at the cover ain't half bad either.

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