Mango Festival Roundup: Racial Tensions Ignite at Monday Meeting, Monica Booked Elsewhere

Another day, and more fruit from the poisonous Mango Festival tree, courtesy of Tom Francis' expert reporting at the Juice.

On Monday night, the Deerfield Beach Commission met to discuss the aftermath of last weekend's music festival that was filled with unhappy vendors, but not much music at all. A lot of details of the meeting, as well as a slideshow aptly accompanied by the theme from the Benny Hill Show, are in this posting.

Later in the meeting, Commissioner Bill Ganz dropped this one on Commissioner Sylvia Poitier: "Either you people are clueless, you're liars, or you're

thieves. You take your pick."

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Read the tale of The Loneliness of the Pickled Sausage Vendor here, and see loads of photos of the empty grounds while the Mango Festival was supposed to be in full swing.

Finally, Francis uncovers that "Monica, one of the major R&B acts advertised for Saturday's Mango

Festival, was not planning to perform on that day. Rather, she was

booked to play at a birthday bash for an Atlanta radio station that

same Saturday." Oopsies. 

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