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Marc Broussard at Culture Room, October 5

Louisiana native Marc Broussard is just 29 years old but boasts one of those voices that's mature beyond its years. As a purveyor of so-called "bayou soul," he specializes in an almost-radio-friendly blend of soul, blues, and rock that's funky enough to even do proper justice to covers of songs like Al Green's "Love and Happiness." That's "almost" radio-friendly, though, because the mainstream music world still doesn't seem to have the appropriate genre slot for a white boy from the swamps with an ear for classic rhythm and blues (and, it should be noted, a slight Christian bent). Still, steady touring and clean-cut looks have kept Broussard out of the usual blues barroom circuit and enjoying a fan base that continues to grow the old-fashioned way. Broussard manages to stop at Culture Room more or less annually and this time around comes in support of his latest disc, a self-titled effort released in June on Atlantic Records.

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