Mastiksoul at Karu & Y Friday

​Miami's Latin house crowd has found a new Friday night to call their own (as if they needed another one) at Karu & Y nightclub in downtown Miami. This new night hosted by Benjamin Acero -- the ubiquitous young promoter responsible for so many of the big-room EDM parties downtown -- will be launching with a record release party for Mastiksoul's new Run 4 Number One album.

With a career spanning almost two decades and an infectious signature sound rooted in African percussive rhythms, Portuguese DJ/producer Fernando Figueira, a.k.a. Mastiksoul, is a pioneer of the Latin tribal house Miamians so adore. Nothing like some spicy tribal beats to turn up the body heat and prolong these last couple weeks of warmth before the winter clime sets in.

Mastiksoul, Friday, October 16 at Karu & Y, 71 NW 14 St., downtown Miami, 10 p.m. - 11 a.m.


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